Web APIs

This API is used for accessing and controlling the media devices like the camera in our device.
This API is used to manage or manipulate the history of our browser.
This API is used to access and manipulate URLs.
This API fires off an `visibilitychange` event when a document becomes visible or hidden.
This API enables us to register touch events in our webpage. These touch events are fired by mobile devices with touch screens, track ball and stylus.
This enables us to copy and read data from the system's clipboard from a webpage and also listen on and responds to clipboard commands such as copy, cut, paste.
This API provides information of the charge level of the battery in our system, and events to monitor our battery level status.
This API gives us the capabilities to work on a audio stream on the web. This API can be used to add effects, filters to an audio source in the web.
This API makes fullscreen-mode of our webpage possible.
This brings power of speech to the Web. This API provides us with the capabilities to add speech synthesis and speech recognition to our web app.
This API let's us access the Bluetooth Low Energy device in our phone.
This API allows the two scripts in different browser contexts to communicate and pass messages to each other in a two-way channel.
This API makes our device shake or vibrate as a means of notification or physical feedback to a new data or info we should respond to.
This API allows communcation of messages or data from different browsing contexts on the same origin.
This API provides a way of selecting a payment method for goods and services to a payment gateway.
This API provides a way an observer is notified if an element it is registered on is re-sized in anyway.
This API gives an unlimiited access to the mouse inputs, co-ordinates, actions, movement without restriction.